Let’s Build A Better Website

Let’s Build A Better Website
There are way too many posts online that explain how to build a better website for your client. Some stress on design, the others on content, however, what most writers of these posts agree on is that the content, design and the website functionalities cannot be decided independent of each other, but have to contribute to each other’s presence on the site.

At Gola Infotech, Our Web Development team works together at every point to create a website that flows well and helps the site visitor get acquainted with the brand. In fact, we follow a few guidelines that we’ve put together after working on over thousand projects.

There are five things to remember while building a website:
a) Plan
b) Define Objectives
c) Know your customer
d) Decide Flow
e) Execute Content and Design

a) Plan
It’s very tempting to begin thinking about slogans and colour themes as soon as you start working with a new client. But do not. Like most things in life, it’s better to have a plan than not have one at all. And we’ll help you draw one.
Making a plan for your website means creating your own strategy to put your best foot forward. Our plan usually involves the above steps, yours may differ according to your working style.
b) Define Objectives
We create plans to meet goals. Goals and objectives are like the north star of any long-term or short-term projects. They keep us on track and even influence our decisions. Objectives that help determine the website can include any of the following:
I want to generate leads from here.
I want to sell online
I want to create awareness for my brand
I want people to get a feel of the brand before they step into the actual store
One can list down many kinds of objectives. You can have your own, but it’s important to have one. Simply put, objectives will tell us which way the content and design is headed. Is it headed to make the visitor click on the ‘Sign Up’ button? Is the design pushing you to explore more of the site? Is the product grid layout able to answer my questions and show me more related products when I need them?
The goal of your website will smoothly guide your decisions when it comes to design and content. So let it.
c) Know your customer
Your customer is not the one that has asked you to develop his website. The customer in this case is the site visitor. The site visitor is the most important person to keep in mind when it comes to creating a website. Everything done on the site is done to meet his needs, to make his experience convenient and give him exactly what he wants.
You have to get to know the site visitor. Research really helps create a persona for him or her. This way you understand what makes them tick, what do they find tasteful, what is their level of understanding and where they are in their buyer journey. Are they just unaware of the brand, considering or ready to buy? Once you know this type of person, you can develop the website around him. The website is always a one-to-one conversation, so it makes more sense to design keeping that one type of person in mind and not try to please anyone and everyone.
d) Decide your flow
One of the essential things to remember is that the site visitor is selfish. He is on that site for purely his gain and interest. He is not going to be interested in complicated yet tasteful design. He wants his answers quickly and he wants to not use his mind too much. These basic things stay the same for each customer.
Now that you know who the customer is, what are your objectives – the way information is presented to the person becomes logical to you and your customer. Site architecture is what you decide at this point. How will the pages flow and interact with each other? Where and how often to put the CTA button or when to present him with more information are questions that get answered along the way when you know your customer and you know your goals.
e) Execute Content and Design
Now you can finally begin executing your content and design. All the groundwork we’ve suggested in the action points before build a strong foundation and a solid structure on which you can build your site. It’s like knowing your plot and then writing out your story. There has to be a start and end point. So are you now ready to begin?
Are you interested in building a better website for your brand? Get in touch with the web development team at Gola Infotech and we’ll take you through the groundwork that’s needed to make an exciting yet efficient website.
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